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Whether you're trying to overcome your fears, or you are right in the middle of a personnal goal journey. Whether you need to get back an important relationship, or you need to start communicating more efficiently with your job partners. Whether you are going down into depression or you feel ready to conquer the whole world...
there is a key to achievement...

Of course there are plenty of physiological and therapeutic strategies and, techniques to go through obstacles and to improve your abilities and strengths, however, I'm writing about something more simple, something very basic and the same time, deeply powerful.

This key itself comes with the union of two matters that, as two pieces in a puzzle , fit perfectly together, complement each other and, ultimately; “bring the picture alive”

Before putting words on it, lets just let our minds ramble around the concept, through a short story.

There was this person, who was facing some tough financial times, actually, he never had any trouble on this matters, until the las 4 years, in which he had tried all types of strategies in order to overcome the situation and keep up with the positive thinking. Unfortunately, he wasn't getting any results. He actually made it to give a big step forward, by searching and finding his true self purpose for life. So, he set up his mind to achieve that goal, took on his path, started working on that and, he found that instead of felling joy, he was feeling stressful and even more disappointed when things didn't turned out the way he expected.
What was going wrong?, he had a meaningful purpose, a clear goal, he was taking action on it and still, the sight was the same, still on need, still on anxiety.
He finally got to a point where he no longer had new ideas, whatsoever, to come out of this shaft of lack but, one thing remained, he still loved and was secure about this purpose of his and so, he kept on doing it.
What happened? From that place of surrender, he started to notice a big joy on doing what he was doing, even without being rewarded for it, he started to find a different meaning on that, he started to find love in that he was doing, and once he recognized it, as the truly important aspect of his actions, all the lack started to dissolve and everything he was longing for in the past, became a reality in his life.

You are probably now asking: how did he sustained himself in the meantime?, one can not live out of love... well, here is when I say; TRY IT!, because you do can live out of love.

I don't mean to send a message here of passivity or laziness: The message is the opposite, the key I've been writing about from the beginning is, to be focused in love and giving, and enjoy that.
You go and do everything and anything you might need to do, but change the perspective, instead of focusing on the results you are going to get, focused on the much you are being able to give.

Everything that you do, can be seen from the perspective of love and giving, for example, you can brush your teeth in the morning, thinking about getting ready quickly to go to work, instead, you can think about the care your giving to yourself by brushing them perfectly. You can stay at your office and think about how to be “the best one” there or, how to distinguish yourself in front of the boss, well , instead, think about how to open your mind and your heart the wider possible, in order to listen to your fellows and be a truly helpful partner.

Can you feel the difference?, isn't it much more liberating to focused on the giving and the love? Just by thinking about it, aren't you feeling a little bit better with yourself?

What if you could feel that, in every moment?, what if you could be that person, everyday?. . .

Find the love purpose on whatever and in everything you do, focused on giving that, and the results will come along naturally.

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